Boys Varsity Track · Track results from meet at Muscle Shoals

Varsity Girls:
100m Dash: Shanya Brown 2nd place
400m Dash: Mckaya Harris 2nd place
800m Run: Josie Grisham 3rd place
1600m Run: Ellie VonHermann 2nd place and Sydney Coussons 3rd place
3200m Run: Nora Redding 2nd place and Sydney Callahan 3rd place
4x100m Relay: Nariah Hall, Laken Peters, Mckaya Harris,and  Shanya Brown 1st place
4x400m Relay: Jakhia Wise, Annie Trapp, Mckaya Harris, and Laken Peters 1st place
4x800m Relay: Sydney Callahan, Annie Trapp, Ellie VonHermann, and Nora Redding 2nd place
Long Jump: Shanya Brown 2nd place
Triple Jump: Shanya Brown 1st place
Varsity Boys 
100m Dash: Kiarion Freeman 1st place and Je’Len Lee 3rd place
200m Dash: Je’Len Lee 1st place
800m Run: Bennett Brake 1st place and David Rubolin 3rd place
1600m Run: David Rubolin 1st place
3200m Run: Bennett Brake 1st place and Trey Hurt 2nd place
4x100m Relay: Tre Rhodes, Issac Mason, Je’Len Lee, and Kiarion Freeman 1st place
4x400m Relay: Tre Rhodes, Kalen Robinson, Je’Len Lee, and George Vanveckhoven
4x800m Relay: George Vanveckhoven, Cosomo Phillips, Bieric Calvario, and John Brake
Long Jump: Kiarion Freeman 1st place
Triple Jump: Kiarion Freeman 2nd place
Shot Put: A.J. Lee 3rd place
Discus: Kneeland Hibbett 3rd place
Javelin: Kneeland Hibbett 2nd place
Overall Standings: Varsity Boys 1st place out of 11 teams and Varsity Girls 1st place out of 10 teams!!!!! GO FALCONS