Boys Varsity Tennis, Girls Varsity Tennis · Tennis teams defeated Muscle Shoals

The tennis teams defeated Muscle Shoals.  The girls won 9-0 and the boys won 5-4.

Girls Scores: 9-0
1. Madeline Creel (F) defeated Hallie McCrory (MS) 10-8
2. Isabel Mallette (F) defeated Carlie Smith (MS) 10-2
3. Ruby Cunningham (F) defeated Cora Grace Carroll (MS) 10-4
4. Anna Grace Rye (F) defeated Regan Burleson (MS) 10-7
5. Isabel Davis (F) defeated Maya Stevens (MS) 10-0
6. Sara Holcombe (F) defeated Catilyn Collins (MS) 10-7

1. Creel and Mitchener (F) defeated McCrory and Burleson (MS) 10-5
2. Cunningham and Mallette (F) defeated Smith and Collins (MS) 10-4
3. Rye and Davis (F) defeated Watkins and Carroll (MS) 10-6

The girls record is now 8-0.

Boys Scores: 5-4
1. Luke Singletary (F) defeated Hudson Thompson (MS) 10-2
2. Noah Tompkins (F) defeated Mason Stevens (MS) 10-3
3. Jackson Hall (MS) defeated John David Bailey (F) 10-6
4. Luke Holcombe (F) defeated Brock Carroll (MS) 10-8
5. Luke Hester (MS) defeated Clark Haddock (F) 10-3
6. Joe Don Anderson (MS) defeated Nick Segura (F) 10-4

1. Singletary and Tompkins (F) defeated Hall and Thompson (MS) 10-5
2. Stevens and Anderson (MS) defeated Bailey and Segura (F) 10-0
3. Holcombe and Haddock (F) defeated Hester and Carroll (MS) 10-6

The girls record is now 7-1.