Boys Varsity Tennis, Girls Varsity Tennis · Tennis teams defeated Sparkman

The Florence Falcons Boys defeated the Sparkman Senators 7-2

1. Luke Singletary (F) defeated Ethan Cuzzort (S) 10-3
2. Noah Tompkins (F) defeated Josh Comer (S) 10-5
3. John David Bailey (F) defeated Watkins (S)
4. Ben Calvert (S) defeated Luke Holcombe (F) 10-8
5. Clarke Haddock (F) defeated Dylan Stripling (S) 10-5
6. Nick Segura (F) defeated Jared Wulff (S) 10-8

1. Singletary and Tompkins (F) defeated Cuzzort and Comer (S) 10-4
2. Calvert and Counter (S) defeated Bailey and Segura (F) 10-8
3. Holcombe and Haddock (F) defeated Kelly and Stripling (S) 10-2

The Florence Falcon Girls defeated the Sparkman Senators 9-0
1. Madeline Creel (F) defeated Saylor Cuzzort (S) 10-0
2. Martha Mitchener (F) defeated Jaelyn Davis (S) 10-3
3. Isabel Mallette (F) defeated Catherine Dennis (S) 10-0
4. Ruby Cunningham (F) defeated Anna Lawter (S) 10-0
5. Anna Grace Rye (F) defeated Allison Yount (S) 10-2
6. Isabel Davis (F) defeated Dee Allen (S) 10-2

1. Creel and Mitchener (F) defeated Cuzzort and Davis (S) 10-0
2. Mallette and Cunningham (F) defeated Dennis and Lawler (S) 10-1
3. Rye and Davis (F) defeated Allen and Allison (S) 10-1