Falcons News · Chickasaw Trails Invitational Results

The Florence Falcons cross country team participated in the Chickasaw Trails Invitational this past Saturday. After 3 long months of training, our first meet was a success! With over 2,000 runners competing in different races, our cross country team represented our school well. While many of our athletes are veterans to cross country racing, we had a lot of first timers. The hard work paid off with several PRs (personal records) and two receiving awards!

Our JV boy’s team was one short of having a team of five. As such, they were unable to score. However, the four that ran had very good performances. Our JV girl’s team had 10 competitors. All but one were new to cross country and this was their first race. They all did extremely well. Two of our girls came in the top 20 and received “Elite Runner” t-shirts. Nora Redding came in 14th and Bella Rhodes came in 19th out of 279 runners in the 2.1 mile race. Way to go!!

Our varsity teams ran in 4 different races. Our first varsity boy’s 3.1 mile race was led by 9th grader Trey Hurt with a PR of 17:13, followed closely by David Rubolin, Joshua Fields, and John Brake. Our second boy’s race was led by Ian Infanger, followed closely by George Vanveckhoven and Cory D’az. Our first varsity girl’s race was led by Sydney Callahan, followed closely by Sydney Byrd. Our second varsity girl’s race was led by Abby Dickerson (first ever xc race), followed closely by Jennifer Vaden. I wish I could list everyone of our runners! They ALL did an outstanding job today!!!  I can’t wait for our next meet which will be on Tuesday, September, 18 at The University of Alabama in Huntsville. Thank you all for your support with this program.

-Coach Lynch