The Falcons had a sweet-and- sour day on the courts Tuesday afternoon. The men won 8-1 while the women took one on the chin, losing 1-8. The men took all three doubles courts, but not without a struggle. Jack Rusevlyan and Noah Davis continue to prove they are the best number three doubles team in the section with a solid win of 10-2. Conner Riant and Luke Anderson gave a bagel to their number two opponents winning 10-0. Zack and Nick Hester went down 4-1 early on court one, but refused to go out. The pair slipped to 8-6 before coming to the surface and breathing life into the match with a win of 11-9. The men delivered a smoking performance in singles, winning five of six courts. Hester forfeited on court one struggling with a nagging back injury. Riant delivered on court two with a big win of 10-3. Anderson gave his opponent a membership to the goose egg club, winning court three, 10-0. Nikhil Boorgu gave a solid performance on court five giving the Falcons another “W” in the win column, winning 10-0. Rusevlyan continues to prove to be a valuable asset to the Falcon top six, winning on court six, 10-0. The men now have a record of 8-1 overall and 8-0 in area play. They will travel to Russellville Wednesday afternoon to play a talented Golden Tiger Team.

The Falcon women didn’t fare so well Tuesday afternoon. The group came out flat and never got any air under their wings. All three doubles courts went down with a bang. Decatur took control of the match and never let up. Lilly Holmes pounded Ivey Katherine Weaver on court one, 10-0, to give a little light to a dull day. Mary Geer Dethero gave a good performance on court two before lightning caused the contest to be halted and finally canceled. Kayla Holcombe, down 2-5 on court six, was showing signs of a comeback before lightning sent her off the courts. The Falcons certainly saw some spots where improvement is needed and fine tuning is necessary. These girls are made of recyclable material and after going through the shredder today they will come out refined and ready to beat up on somebody Thursday at Austin. The women are now 7-3 overall and 6-1 in area matches. They will be back in action Thursday, April 2 at Austin along with the men’s team.

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Florence 8 Decatur 1



  1. Rowe Price D d Zack Hester F  injury retired
  2. Conner Riant F d Reid Jenkins D 10-3
  3. Luke Anderson F d Jack Orr D 10-0
  4. Nick Hester F d J O Kennedy 10-2
  5. Nikhil Boorgu F d Mitch Powell D 10-0
  6. Jack Rusevlyan F d Dock Huntes D 10-0



  1. Z Hester / N. Hester F d Price / Jenkins D 11-9
  2. Riant / Anderson F d Kennedy / Powell D 10-0
  3. Rusevlyan / Davis F d Orr / Hall D 10-2


Overall 8-1

Area 8-0


Florence 1 Decatur 8



  1. Lilly Holmes F d Ivey Katherine Weaver D 10-1
  2. Anna -Quin Weaver D d Mary Geer Dethero F 8-1
  3. Emily Overbee D d Ruth Roberts F 10-4
  4. Karen PLace D d Sydney Leavitt F 10-3
  5. AK Layton D d Sydney Davis F 10-5
  6. Kayla Holcombe F – Beverly Fite D called Due To Lighting 2-5



  1. Weaver/Weaver D d Holmes/Leavitt F 10-4
  2. Overbee/Layton D d Roberts/Davis F 10-2
  3. Place/Fite D d Kaity Springer/Dethero F 10-4


Overall 7-3

Area 6-1


Other matches played

Kayla Holcombe and Carolyn Smith won 9-7

Edy Smith and Emma Rhodes Lost 4-8

Kaite Morse and Claire Kiel lost 1-6

Emily Alexander and Abby Dewberry won 8-4

Sarah Eckl and Maddison Newman won 8-3

Irene Beer and Ashlyn Wade won 8-6

Day Roberson and Lanigan Burke won 8-6

Kaity Springer won 8-2

Carolyn Smith won 7-5

Edy Smith won 8-0

Emma Rhodes won 8-0

Kaite Morse lost 2-8

Miller Barnes and Chase Holcombe won 8-1

Chase Womack and Jeffery Lane won 8-0

Mick Mangum won  8-0

Chris Murphy won 8-0

Steven Bissell won 8-2

Sam James match called at 5-5

Grant Browns match called because of lighting

Cade LeMay match called at 2-0